Maintaining Inclusive Workplace Cultures Throughout and After A Pandemic 

When? Friday, May 15, 2020 at 11am

Where? Zoom! 

A virtual executive roundtable for talent managers:

There’s no doubt that coronavirus has transformed the way we work at scale and has ushered in bouts of additional uncertainty, company restructuring and a new set of various challenges for employees at all levels. 

Join Bold Culture in a discussion where you can share what you’ve learned and implemented during this coronavirus season so far with industry peers while also learning from what they’ve done. 

We will also discuss challenges to which there is no current solution as a way to spark cross-industry strategic thinking.

This Virtual Roundtable will be moderated by: Dr. Rubina Malik 

What we’ll discuss: 

  • The overall risks diverse groups may face throughout the pandemic (Black, Latinx, LGBTQ, parents, etc) 
  • The overall benefits diverse groups may face throughout the pandemic 
  • How culture can be created or redefined virtually 
  • Why diversity should not fall to the side when in a global crisis 
  • How companies are preparing to shift their in-office work culture and processes within the age of COVID-19
  • How to reconfigure practice norms for inclusion in the age of virtual and office social-distancing 
  • How to maintain and/or rebuild team morale and trust throughout organizational restructuring
  • Share your largest challenges during this time 

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