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About Us

We started Bold Culture as a response to the slew of culturally uninformed marketing messages being put out by brands and their agencies.

Founded by Darren Martin Jr, Ahmad Barber and their independent parent company Streamlined Media & Communications (SMC) in 2016, Bold Culture was born as a response to the slew of culturally uninformed marketing messages being put out by brands and their agencies, and the apparent lack of representation and inclusion in the offices of the communication and tech industry at all levels.

Bold Culture is inspired by the necessity of diversity and inclusion in the communications-tech ecosystem. How brands communicate with their consumers, how they build their products, how their products are perceived and used, are all connected to diversity, equity and inclusion. That is why Bold Culture is within the intersection of developing inclusive workplaces and ensuring inclusive marketing messages are authentically delivered.

Our multi-tiered approach has enabled Bold Culture to conduct various marketing activations for top brands such as Freeform and Netflix, conduct global cultural awareness trainings across 5 countries, work with over 20 agencies and be featured in AdWeek, Fortune and more for our mission to help transition the communication & tech industries in to a new wave of culture and progression.

Our Mission is to build more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces and brand marketing messages.

Our 360 Approach to DEI

We believe diversity, equity and inclusion is built from the inside, out. With this in mind, we have a dual focus on transforming workplace cultures and their marketing communications. We do this through providing audits, benchmarks, strategic plans, trainings and accountability structures.

How We Work

We believe there is no one solution to transforming a company. While our clients can rest assured knowing they are being provided a studied and sound experience, they are also happy to know that we provide custom solutions based on their top pain points.

Partner First. Bold Culture is a partner within this journey of transformation. The solutions we develop are created in partnership with your team or company levels, ensuring our plans are aligned with available resources.

Change Focused. If you don’t want your team to change the way it interacts internally and how your brand communicates to multicultural audiences, then we’re not for you. We’re looking for partners who are ready to make a shift.

Who We’ve
Done It For