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Multicultural Research Services: First Party, Secondary and Focus Groups

Bold Culture offers custom first-and-second party research partnership opportunities to help extend understanding of various multicultural audiences’ media habits, buying power and cultural trends. Bold is specifically focused on building a consistent understanding of Black, Latine, AAPI, Disabled, Indigenous and LGBTQ consumers’ journeys across generations and intersections.

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First-Party Quantitative Multicultural Research Services with Report

Work with Bold Culture to develop the overall target audience, research objective, respondent minimum, and general survey focus

  • Bold Culture designs the messaging of the survey and allows 1-2 sessions of client input before finalizing the research questions
  • Bold Culture finalizes and codes research questions into digital quantitative data platform (Google Forms, Qualtrics, etc)
  • Bold Culture develops audience reach and distribution strategy either by segmenting its proprietary group of Bold respondents, or strategizing the right paid media mix that will connect with the client’s preferred audience.
  • Media mix can include advertisements on culturally connected social or traditional media/influencer channels and/or planning and executing digital campaigns internally without media and influencer involvement.
  • Bold Culture preps research go-to-market campaign art and messages
  • Bold Culture launches survey and monitors respondent count to reach or exceed minimum respondents number
  • Bold Culture closes surveys and begins analysis of results — pulling the most impactful trends and insights and beginning to summarize findings.
  • Bold Culture designs all findings into a full report and conducts a 1-hour debrief consultation with client/partner

Qualitative Research: Custom Stakeholder Conversations, Analysis and Results Consulting Call

Bold Culture has the ability to conduct a series of interviews with stakeholders individually or as a group. We will work with the client to develop a true target audience of stakeholders across multicultural identities. The geographic of the stakeholders will be determined by the client’s overall focus.

How We Work:

  • Develop the overall target audience, research objective, respondent minimum, and general survey focus
  • Design the questions and presentation  for the qualitative sessions and allow 1-2 sessions of client input before finalizing the research questions
  • Finalization of research questions and group call date and time options
  • Scouting or Acquisition of Research Subjects: Bold Culture develops the right qualitative sample size by either choosing from a proprietary group of multicultural respondents, or scouting, confirming and connecting with new members of the target population through research or digital media efforts. 
  • Representative of subgroups (for example, Black Americans including Black LGBTQ, Black Women, Black Men, Black People Living with Disabilities etc) who are within the fundraising or community organization space 
    • Once all participants are chosen, Bold Culture will promptly start the outreach process, allowing interested participants to book one 45-60 minute group call with our qualitative analysts
      • Individual OR group callss with a collective analysis and results report are available. 
  • In person group meetings and interviews are available upon request

Secondary Multicultural Research Services

Bold Culture, with its market analysis expertise and experience working in multicultural research and communication, will use secondary research methods, combined with their overall expertise in multicultural communities, to assess the business case for our client’s campaign or brand positioning. The analysis will be carried out through a two-step process:

  1. Conduct desk (secondary) research to identify opportunities and gaps within the mindset  of prioritized audiences (demographic and psychographic information pending)
  2. Analyze secondary research through cultural expertise to fill knowledge gaps and to ensure the research is providing the best possible view of the mindset of prioritized audiences by TWSAF

Prioritized communities: Black, Latine, LGBTQIA, AAPI, Disabled and Indigenous Communities

Bold Culture will then submit a final report describing the current end market for communicating to prioritized communities and the dynamics acting upon them. The report may include the following information:

    • Demos/Target Audience Illustration – audience personas by prioritized community, based on demographic and psychographic information gleaned from the report
    • Market Mindsets & Barriers – Uncovering opportunities within each of the prioritized communities, highlighting the needs of the community, the consumers experiences,  mindsets and barriers for authentic communication
  • Market Suggestions for Outreach – Suggestions for communication success based on the data gleaned 

This opportunity is for a client who is looking to receive internal buy-in of a campaign strategy or who is looking to extend an existing campaign into a new market.

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