Insightful Audits For Your Company

Uncover the pain points in hiring, company culture and retention from the voices of individuals who work at your company, and from those who have left.

For Workplace Inclusion

We offer three different types of assessments to audit your workplace.

Quantitative Assessments

Quantitative assessments that will uncover the level of inclusion at the agency and holding company level. We suggest a completion rate of at least 80% per agency. These insights will be synthesized

Qualitative Assessments

Anonymous discussion with a percentage of the agency team to assess their unbridled thoughts on the level of inclusion in the workplace, their current and past experiences and their proposed solutions. Anonymous discussion will be facilitated by a Bold Culture Analyst and each agencies’ conversations will be synthesized into a total insights / pain points sheet

Internal Assessment

Review of Policies (all policies, specifically in connection to talent recruitment, hiring, development and retention), Values and Mission Statement

  • Representation of Employees by Race, Gender and Discloseable Ability/ Sexuality
  • Representation of Employees at entry, mid and senior level
  • Review of Diversity Accountability Structures
  • Review of Current Talent Development Initiatives
  • Review of Management Development Programs
  • Review of ERG / DEI Group Sentiments, Support (financial and sponsor)

Agency will receive a presentation of their data gleaned in the individual assessments. Agency will have actionable “next step” suggestions

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For Marketing

Understand the level of inclusion within your marketing campaigns through our various audit products

  • Inclusive Language Audit
  • Inclusive Imaging Audit
  • Sound Strategy Assessment 
  • 360 Inclusive Marketing Campaign Audit

Review of Creative Work to assess inclusion on multiple levels with race, gender, sexuality and ability as focus areas:

  • What was the target audience for this piece?
  • Who was cast for this piece? Why were they cast?
  • What is the number of individuals represented who are traditionally underrepresented from a race, gender, sexuality and ability stand point
  • How many speaking roles are diverse across race, gender, sexuality and ability
  • What was the distribution and targeting plan (if agency works within that capacity)
  • Did the distribution and targeting plan connect with the target audience and were there any audiences missed?
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