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Inclusive Marketing Consulting a.k.a. Right Eye’s Consulting Experience

Bold Culture analysts will use their expertise in multicultural communications, research and distribution to provide insight to the client team across creative, strategy, distribution and partnership levels. Bold’s consultants review work or strategies and do not produce or highly edit any client work. This relationship is strictly advisory.

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Get An Inclusive

We will examine your work with an in-depth inclusive lens at multiple levels (race, age, gender, ability, and more.

We look at your approach to your general audience and profile makeup. This includes your targeting practices (on a cultural, geography, interest, etc level), use of inclusive language (throughout strategy, casting, creative copy, art copy and or agency partners), and how that audience is represented in your creatives (via imaging, partnership, influencers etc).

We look deeper into your approach by assessing the following:

  • Power dynamics within imaging, language, general interactions and partnerships (within the process and within the creative output)
  • The attention to communicating to intersectional identities and having a lens of intersectionality in their process 
  • The development of an inclusive strategy, authentic connection to the target audience and distribution partners and
  • Any accessibility considerations within the strategy and activation
What We Deliver: 

We deliver an insightful view of your work/product via an executive summary document or email. This document can be used for future projects to come. 

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