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Bold Culture Learning & Development

Inclusive Workplace, Multicultural Marketing, Leadership Development and ERG Support Workshops

Workshops that are connected to your company’s industry, team structure and more.

While all Bold Culture workshops have a core curriculum and experience, our clients are provided with examples and solutions connected to their company’s day-to-day operations. This helps take learning from awareness to action!

Bold Culture’s workshops are designed and developed by management, marketing, workplace development, DE&I and adjacent expertise.

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We offer culture and inclusion workshops that are available live and on-demand. Courses are available a-la-carte and a part of curriculums (which group particular courses by themes). Certifications are also available for teams or departments.

Workshops (Live & On-Demand)

Experience Bold Culture's Workshops at 3 Levels: Awareness, Analysis and Application.

Each workshop is 70-90 minutes long and includes on-demand replay access for 30-days on Bold Culture's learning platform.

Our Awareness Lessons are developed to provide a first-level of education around DEI topics.

Our Analysis Sessions take a deeper dive into our first party data or lessons from other organizations.

Our Application Courses are highly interactive sessions that test participants' knowledge and encourages collective problem solving.


Bold Culture's Curriculums group our workshops into themes that may be useful for your team. Curriculums are available in 3, 6, and 9-workshop packages and include 60 days of a replay of each workshop and all-team access to all of our Culture Hub+ platform benefits for 30 days.

• Understanding Culture and Identity
• Building Inclusive Spaces
• Developing Strong Leadership
• Strengthening Your Employee Resource Group(s)
• Building A More Accessible Workplace
• Developing Your Managers

Team Certifications

Want to take your team development to the next level and prove competency in certain areas? We offer certifications for various topics! Team members will be. provided a certificate of completion after a series of workshops, interactive sessions and quizzes.

• Cultural Intelligence Certification
• ADA Awareness & Compliance
• Inclusive Leader Certification

A snippet of the workshops we offer:

Building Inclusive Spaces

Building Inclusive leaders

[SERIES] – On Emotional Intelligence [Each up to 70 Minutes]

  • Part 1 – An overview of EI
  • Part 2 – Building Personal Competencies
  • Part 3 – Building Social Competencies
[SERIES] – On Mentorship, Sponsorship and Career Coaching [Each up to 70 Minutes]

  • Part 1 – An overview of Mentorship, Sponsorship, Career Coaching, and their differences
  • Part 2 – In depth experience on Mentorship
  • Part 3 – In depth experience on Sponsorship
  • Part 4 – In depth experience on Career Coaching

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Sessions

  • Building A Sound Employee Resource Group Strategy That Brings Change and Encourages Management Buy-In
  • How to Build A Successful Cross Employee Resource Group Coalition
  • What is the role of the Employee Resource Group? An interactive view at how various organizations are creating change
  • Understanding Sensitive Conversations and How To Have Them
  • Reducing Imposter Syndrome for Everyone In The Workplace
  • Resilience In The Face of Fire: How to Maintain Your Style While Dealing with Challenging People or Situations
  • How to Avoid Bias In The Decision Making Process

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