Education & Training

Our education and training programs are designed to build cultural consciousness through collective and individual classes.

We offer live and on-demand workshops and listening sessions.

Live Workshops

A session (or series of sessions) up to 90 minutes long, via ZOOM and in-person (where applicable), available for the entire team or a department and includes activities.

On-Demand Workshops

Up to 90 minutes long with various modules built for individual learning. You may elect to purchase 1 course or 1 curriculum from Bold Culture. Each Curriculum has 2 or more courses and comes with a certificate of completion for each individual.

Listening Sessions

Intimate group gatherings, via ZOOM or in-person (where applicable), that allow the participants to ask questions and provide feedback with more time than in Q&A sessions within the live workshop.

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A snapshot of our Workplace Inclusion Training Opportunities

  • How to be an inclusive communicator at every level of your professional journey
  • Spotting Bias: An Interactive Workshop for attendees with Scenario-Based Examples
  • Rethinking Talent: How to Reshape Your Perspective of What Talent Makes It Into the Agency
  • Inclusive Leadership Workshop: Executive Roundtable on Increasing Team Engagement & Preventing Attrition
  • Inclusive Leadership Workshop: Providing Sound Talent Feedback while Avoiding Bias/ Microaggressions

A snapshot of our Workplace Inclusion Training Series Opportunities

[SERIES] – On Emotional Intelligence [Each up to 70 Minutes]

  • Part 1 – An overview of EI
  • Part 2 – Building Personal Competencies
  • Part 3 – Building Social Competencies
[SERIES] – On Mentorship, Sponsorship and Career Coaching [Each up to 70 Minutes]

  • Part 1 – An overview of Mentorship, Sponsorship, Career Coaching, and their differences
  • Part 2 – In depth experience on Mentorship
  • Part 3 – In depth experience on Sponsorship
  • Part 4 – In depth experience on Career Coaching

A snapshot of our Inclusive Marketing Training Opportunities

  • Understanding cross-cultural marketing and why you should incorporate it into your strategies
  • Understanding and Avoiding Cultural Appropriation within All Levels of Your Marketing
  • Understanding the intersections of identities and why it’s important for marketers
  • Understanding the vastness of the Black Community
  • Understanding the Spectrum of the LGBTQIA community
  • Understanding the Intersection of Black & Latinx identity
  • Ongoing Listening Sessions OPTIONAL

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