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Rethinking Talent: How to Reshape Your Perspective of What Talent Makes It Into the Agency

Focus: Workplace

Take the next step in creating a more equitable and inclusive culture for your employees

In this workshop, participants will be able to learn:

  • Why there’s an imperative to redefine and reshape our current hiring practices and expectations if we are to build truly inclusive environments
  • What it means to hire for competencies instead of job title or direct experiences
  • How to reduce bias in hiring and recruitment strategies and why “anonymous hiring” is not enough
  • How to attract diverse talent when your agency is still reshaping its diversity representation and inclusion methods
  • Where to find diverse talent across strategy, media, and creative industries
  • Where to find diverse leaders across industries and why “lack of diverse leaders available” is a myth
  • Recruitment and interview methods to avoid or champion
  • Resources to continue to develop consciousness
Snapshot into the Training

A Look Into Our
Workshop Experience

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