Diverse Talent Connections

We help brands and agencies connect to diverse audiences at all touchpoints.

The InVerse Network by Bold Culture takes a divergent approach to talent management by connecting brands and agencies to multicultural media companies, influencers and multi-level talent. Now, Planners, Marketing Directors and HR Recruiters have one vast and diverse database for their outreach needs.

Network Demographic

Our network consists of creative & influential talent 

focused on the following communities: 

  • Black
  • Latinx
  • LGBTQIA+ (minority focused)

Our Capabilities

  • Influencer Campaign Scouting, Development & Execution 
  • Social-First Digital Advertising Network 
  • Branded Content Marketing 
  • Recruiting Freelance Diverse Creative Talent 

Our Products

  • Talent Scouting 
  • Diverse Audience Development Consulting 
  • Talent Mangement 
  • Content Production 
  • Analytics Reporting

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