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Uncover the pain points in hiring, company culture and retention from the voices of individuals who work at your company, and from those who have left.

360 Workplace
Inclusion Audit

The most robust insight service we offer combines our Quantitative, Qualitative and Policy Assessment services into one comprehensive workplace inclusion audit that you can use to set benchmarks for improvement.


Work with us to launch ongoing or periodic workplace culture surveys that anonymously provides a view of talent sentiment in your agency. You may use our quantitative assessments to understanding the top inclusion pain points at your company. They are also used to audit the success of existing inclusion plans.


Work with our qualitative team to have one-on-one, third party conversations with your team. This is a great opportunity to understand the realities and challenges of your team with decreased chances for hesitance. All conversations are anonymized and the most poignant and consistent pain points are reported via word clouds or quotes.


When it comes to inclusion, sometimes it’s not what’s in the policy, it’s what’s not in the company policy. We assess company policies across hiring, onboarding, pay, holidays, benefits at a by-department and team-at-large level. We then provide our assessment of what moderations need to be made.


Build a comprehensive framework to ensure employees at your company feel represented, included, culturally educated and mentored, through our custom consulting and training services.

Learning &
Professional Development

Bold Culture offers custom workplace inclusion live workshops with a focus on cultural awareness, employee engagement and retention, and leadership development. We also create custom curriculums for companies to use in their internal learning platforms. Through Culture Hub+, users are able to access inclusive workplace insights via On Demand Workshops and our vast content and resource platform. 

Strategic Plan

We believe you can’t move the needle on diversity and inclusion without a plan. We help you develop that plan that spans 1-5 years and focuses on your company’s top pain points connected to diversity and inclusion. This plan is built with accountability in mind and is comprehensive, providing structural change management recommendations for the company to follow and analyze its success.

Ongoing Consulting &
Accountability Partnership

We’re here for the long haul. Work with Bold Culture to be an ongoing consulting partner, providing counsel, resources, and an independent source of accountability to ensure your company’s plans are creating change.


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