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Bold Culture works across all business units to turn D&I struggle into success.

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55 percent of black american millennials spend an hour or more on social media each day.
There are fewer women among venture capital investors in the largest tech deals in the last 5 years than there are men named James, David, and Peter in the entire industry.

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Our cultural insights reports offer unique qualitative and quantitative data useful for marketing messages and hiring/retention practices

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Whether your creative team needs a second eye on that new cultural project or if you want to ensure employees at your company feel represented, included and mentored, our cultural awareness programs, microaggression and anti-bias workshops and multicultural marketing programs are a great start.

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Excited to diversify your staff or vendors but need help? Our connections services helps you find and hire the best diverse media companies, influencers and/or full and part-time candidates for roles across the ladder.

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