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Premier Fashion Brand Inclusive Marketing Audit

Bold Culture worked with one a premier fashion brand that has over five brands spanning outdoor, work, general consumer and additional lines of business. Bold Culture worked with this fashion client to audit marketing materials across mediums (video, email, social media, website and more) for race, gender, ability, socio-economic, gender and sexuality inclusion.

This brand underwent a comprehensive Bold Culture audit and then worked with Bold Culture on a custom workshop experience where the brand’s stakeholders (employees and agencies) learned about inclusive marketing practices and how to assess work across the industry for inclusion. This included participants assessing its competitor  and its own work for inclusion in real time using the principles provided by Bold Culture.

Bold Culture then presented the inclusive marketing audit results to all participants in the workshop to show where the company can improve in its work. Given the initial workshop and self-auditing experience, participants were encouraged by and understanding of the results of the initial audit. This resulted in over a 90% positive response to our post-experience feedback survey. 

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