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20-Company Global Workplace Inclusion Audit Spotlight

Bold Culture works with London-based communications holding companies to audit over 19 of their companies for workplace inclusion across belonging, education & training, management experiences, and more. 

Working with Bold Culture’s research and consulting team, our client underwent a 9-month custom inclusive workplace culture audit that was designed to identify company strengths and pain points across 5 global regions. Bold Culture worked to design, develop, execute and report on 19 individual companies while providing an overall report to its holding company.

Each audit was specific to any subsidiary company region while maintaining an overall ethos and structure that allowed the holding company to develop group-wide strategies and initiatives for inclusion. 

In addition to a report for each company, the leaders of the subsidiaries were also provided with 60-minute results debrief and consulting session to help implement or sustain company-wide inclusion and equity improvements.

The client noted the significance of the report’s data for the overall development of their long-term strategy. They are also currently continuing to develop and test immediate and future initiatives connected to Bold’s findings.

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