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Inclusive Marketing Audit Experience

Review your creative work to assess inclusion on multiple levels (race, gender, sexuality, and ability) with Bold Culture’s Inclusive Marketing Audits.

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When assessing your work, Bold Culture uses a total lens of diversity including race/ethnicity, gender, ability, sexuality, region, age, body type and more.

We are interested in assessing campaigns for their successful points in addition to any missed opportunities so that the firm can strengthen the current practices and policies that may be working, where applicable and introduce any additional tools where needed. 

There will be a panel of at least 3 individuals who have expertise across various industries using a streamlined Bold Culture rubric to judge each content type. These individual scores are tallied and summarized for final grades for each section and the total audit.

We are able to assess a historical collective of campaigns, social posts, emails, landing pages and more.

Campaigns or creative work will be assessed using our proprietary rubrics for:

  • The use of inclusive language, 
  • Inclusive imaging, 
  • Power dynamics within imaging, language and general interactions
  • The presence of intersectional identities and intersectionality 
  • The development of an inclusive strategy, authentic connection to the target audience and distribution partners and 
  • Any accessibility considerations within your work

Our Process:


  • Gathering of Client Approved Campaigns and/ or Work
  • Amount of campaign work varies depending on the client scope.
  • We are able to review integrated campaigns or single-channel campaigns (social, out of home, experiential, TV, digital and more)

Strategy Review: 

  • Collection and Review of Client Strategy, Creative Brief and Agency Strategy or Parameters (where possible)
  • We use this to understand the target audience, deliverables, constraints, etc.


Using our proprietary inclusive marketing rubrics and panel, Bold Review of Creative Work to assess inclusion on multiple levels (race, age, gender, ability, and more).

Synthesis & Reporting: 

Bold Culture will host a post-results call which will share: 

  • A by-content type analysis and total creative content analysis. Each will have its own total rubric score and findings.
  • The overall top pain points 
  • Actionable “next steps” and solutions

A Snapshot into Past Client Audit Experiences

20-Company Global Workplace Inclusion Audit

Bold Culture works with London-based communications holding companies to audit over 19 of their companies for workplace inclusion across belonging, education & training, management experiences, and more. 

Working with Bold Culture’s research and consulting team, our client underwent a 9-month custom inclusive workplace culture audit that was designed to identify company strengths and pain points across 5 global regions. Bold Culture worked to design, develop, execute and report on 19 individual companies while providing an overall report to its holding company.

Each audit was specific to any subsidiary company region while maintaining an overall ethos and structure that allowed the holding company to develop group-wide strategies and initiatives for inclusion. 

In addition to a report for each company, the leaders of the subsidiaries were also provided with 60-minute results debrief and consulting session to help implement or sustain company-wide inclusion and equity improvements.

The client noted the significance of the report’s data for the overall development of their long-term strategy. They are also currently continuing to develop and test immediate and future initiatives connected to Bold’s findings.  

Premier Fashion Brand

Bold Culture worked with one a premier fashion brand that has over five brands spanning outdoor, work, general consumer and additional lines of business. Bold Culture worked with this fashion client to audit marketing materials across mediums (video, email, social media, website and more) for race, gender, ability, socio-economic, gender and sexuality inclusion.

This brand underwent a comprehensive Bold Culture audit and then worked with Bold Culture on a custom workshop experience where the brand’s stakeholders (employees and agencies) learned about inclusive marketing practices and how to assess work across the industry for inclusion. This included participants assessing its competitor  and its own work for inclusion in real time using the principles provided by Bold Culture.

Bold Culture then presented the inclusive marketing audit results to all participants in the workshop to show where the company can improve in its work. Given the initial workshop and self-auditing experience, participants were encouraged by and understanding of the results of the initial audit.

This resulted in over a 90% positive response to our post-experience feedback survey.

World Leading Design and Innovation Firm

 A world leading design and innovation firm based on the West Coast drafted Bold Culture for a multi-pronged engagement to assess the inclusion of their media assets across identity groups including but not limited to race, gender, sexuality, ability and more. Bold’s initial project was assessing the clients website, social media and a collection of past marketing campaigns for representation, investment, stereotypes, tropes, non-inclusive language and more connected to our identity groups of choice. Following our proprietary rubric structure, the client was able to set a benchmark for their future internal and external campaigns and work. 

We also used our proprietary Accessibility Audit to audit the accessibility of the client’s digital properties, providing the client unparalleled access to improvement suggestions that will help increase its reach and efficacy of its digital channels. This overall engagement resulted in an over 95% positive response rate in our post-engagement survey.

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