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360 Workplace
Inclusion Audit

The most robust insight service we offer combines our Quantitative, Qualitative and Policy Assessment services into one comprehensive workplace inclusion audit that you
can use to set benchmarks for improvement.

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A Four Step Process To Understanding The Level of Inclusion Across Your Company

When we think of diversity and inclusion, we’re thinking across:
race, gender, sexuality, ability & more!

01. Quantitative Report

Quantitative assessments that will uncover the level of inclusion at the agency and holding company level. We suggest a completion rate of at least 80% per agency. These insights will be synthesized.

02. Qualitative Conversations

Anonymous discussion with a percentage of the agency team to assess their unbridled thoughts on the level of inclusion in the workplace, their current and past experiences and their proposed solutions.

Anonymous discussion will be facilitated by a Bold Culture Analyst and each agencies’ conversations will be synthesized into a total insights / pain points sheet

03. Internal Assessment

  • Review of Policies (all policies, specifically in connection to talent
    recruitment, hiring, development and retention), Values and Mission Statement
  • Representation of Employees by Race, Gender and Discloseable Ability/
  • Representation of Employees at entry, mid and senior level
  • Review of Diversity Accountability Structures
  • Review of Current Talent Development Initiatives
  • Review of Management Development Programs
  • Review of ERG / DEI Group Sentiments, Support (financial and sponsor)

04. Synthesis and Reporting

Agency will receive a presentation of their data gleaned in the individual assessments

Agency will have actionable “next step” suggestions

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