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Understanding and Avoiding Cultural Appropriation within All Levels of Your Marketing

Focus: Marketing

Take the next step in creating a more equitable and inclusive culture for your employees

In this workshop, participants will be able to learn:

  • The definition of cultural appropriation and its origins
  • How to understand the nuances of cultural appropriation and its differences in other biases
  • How culture is connected to one’s identity making it not monolithic across demographics
  • The differences between how brands can appreciate and respect culture versus appropriate it
  • Using commerce in the fashion industry as an example of how cultural misappropriation and or lack of cultural awareness have shown up in product development/marketing campaigns
  • Example of how brands can respond and/or pivot once bias is spotted
  • Ways to spot bias at multiple steps in your product development process
  • Solutions to prevent and fix your bias once spotted
  • Resources to continue cultural awareness learning
Snapshot into the Training

A Look Into Our
Workshop Experience

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