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Bold Insight’s custom qualitative and quantitative data and thought leadership is useful for improving multicultural communication targeting, messaging and creative direction for campaigns.

Work With Us To:

  • Gather market research for diverse groups across one or more regions that informs your creative direction and campaign distribution strategy
  • Extend creative, strategy, media and account teams’ cultural awareness through custom cultural insights developed on Bold Culture’s CultureHub products (The Black Paper, La Mosaica Latinx)
Custom Multicultural Consumer Research to extend a campaign’s reach and/or a sales pitch
  • Develop custom research initiatives that provide actionable insights to the strategy and creative teams by gathering first-party, original data to learn more about diverse groups. For example, we are able to develop an initiative that studies the purchasing behaviors of Latinx mothers in the Southeast US region to understand what brands, stories and situations connect with them to be told in an advertisement
Continous research around various cultures and their intersections with Bold Culures Culture Hub
  • Provides consumer based research around Black, Latinx and LGBTQIA consumers in first and third-person perspectives across multiple mediums (print, digital, video)
  • Access for the entire strategy and/or creative teams that will provide a deeper understanding and connection to these communities on a day-to-day basis

The knowledge from industry peers and the diverse community you want to reach.

Custom qualitative and quantitative data and thought leadership useful for creating authentic relationships and improving hiring, engagement and retention practices in your company.

Use our Talent Development Insights to:

  • Understand how to prevent attrition in the workplace
  • Understand proper frameworks for leadership development and employee retention
  • Understand how to communicate with different perspectives in the workplace
360 Talent Inclusion Survey
  • Uncover the pain points in hiring, company culture and retention from the voices of individuals who work at your company, and from those who have left. Our 360 Talent Inclusion Survey conducts anonymous quantitative and qualitative research across all departments and levels of the company. Our goal is to align leaders’ brand and company goals with the reality and perception of such values and goals from their current or former team members. We will synthesize the findings and provide a step-by-step suggestion of processes and trainings to be used for improvement.

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