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Understanding the Impact of Ability Bias & Erasure in the Workplace and Marketing

Focus: Workplace/Marketing

Take the next step in creating a more equitable and inclusive culture for your employees

In this workshop, participants will be able to learn:

  • There are over 61 million U.S. adults who are living with disabilities. That equates to 1 in 4 or 26% of adults living in the United States. Though this is a fact and laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act have pushed for higher inclusion and accessibility of people living with disabilities, workplaces and brand marketing messages are still falling behind.
  • In the workplace, some people living with seen or unseen disabilities face erasure, microaggressions, bias and non-accessible workplace settings. This leads to higher rates of attrition and decreased rates of support for the community. 
  •  In an ever-evolving digital world, the products and experiences that are being produced by brands and organizations are not all conscious of the people living with disabilities. Just as a base of observation of brand efforts, their websites/social platforms are not accessible and images are not representative of the community.
  • In Bold Culture’s workshop, we’ll discuss the foundation and examples of the challenges disabled people face, and provide immediate solutions that you can use internally and externally to ensure people living with disabilities are represented and respected holistically.  
Snapshot into the Training

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