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Our Services

What WE Do

Whether you want to transform your internal company culture or change the way you market to multicultural consumers, our services allow you to chart a BOLD future.


Research Reports & Original Content
  • Conducting research studies and reports on multicultural consumers or talent for brands and agencies
  • Producing original content to connect your business to multicultural audiences
Multicultural Diversity Report Card
  • Gathering and analyzing data about the diversity across all departments at your company, comparing with industry benchmarks, and offering actionable steps on how to create a more inclusive workforce
Inclusion & Equity Analysis
  • Analyzing stated company procedures and initiatives then gathering testimonials from current and past employees about their experiences with the company
  • Determining where there is misalignment and offering solutions to improve company culture
Campaign Assessment
  • Analyzing past strategies and campaigns to assess resonance with multicultural audiences
  • Providing suggestions on how to reach and resonate with multicultural audiences in future campaigns


Cultural Awareness Campaigns
  • Focused on creating and encouraging a more inclusive company environment
Marketing Activations
  • Ideating, creating strategies, and overseeing execution of marketing programs designed to reach and resonate with multicultural audiences
Anti-Bias and Microaggression Workshops
  • Providing employees with actionable advice on how to deal with biases and microaggressions in order to foster a safer work environment


  • Helping you find and hire the right multicultural talent across all disciplines – from entry-level up to executive – for freelance, contract, and full-time roles
  • Identifying and recruiting multicultural individuals and groups whose influence can build consumer affinity for your brand