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4 Ways Marketers & Advertisers Can Work With Bold Culture: Tell Inclusive Stories  

By January 15, 2020No Comments

Bold Culture is a data-driven multicultural communication agency that provides various ways for companies within the media, advertising, marketing and technology space to authentically connect to diverse consumers and talent. Our service offerings are broken into three divisions: Insights, Consulting and Connections. 


If you’ve been thinking about working with Bold Culture but are unsure where to start, here are four ways we work with those looking to authentically connect with diverse consumers in the new year!

Custom qualitative and quantitative multicultural consumer insights to extend a product or service campaign’s reach

A campaign’s efficacy is partly tied to how well the creative resonates with a target audience. Resonance starts with authentic insights. Work with us to conduct physical and digital, qualitative and quantitative, consumer insight studies for your next campaign or client pitch. Our consumer insights cover US regions with a particular focus on Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA and/or intersectional identities. We will conduct outreach to your target community and ensure the creative campaign you build for your next pitch / product is built by and for the community it wants to serve. 


Analyze a year’s worth of your past and present campaigns’ inclusiveness across communities to create a benchmark for improving future campaign cultural efficacy

Understand your past inclusive marketing efforts to chart a new strategy for the future. Our Inclusive Marketing Analysis examines up to a year’s worth of past creative campaigns and conducts an audit around diverse representation across gender, sexuality, race and ability. The analysis assesses the level of inclusion in any creative campaign including: the team creating the work, representation within the creatives itself (ie. Talent appearance, speaking role/time, main/secondary focus of campaign) and the resonance of the campaign itself. From our findings, we suggest a strategy for improvement in applicable communities in all new campaigns.


Before you release that next campaign, make sure it’s culturally appropriate and authentically inclusive with our Right Eyes Creative Assessment & Consulting

Some of the worst brand campaigns come from homogenous teams and internal politics. Work with the Bold Culture team to assess your next creative campaign against your strategy and target market. Bold Culture has cross-functional experience from strategy level to execution and recommends this process to safeguard the campaign’s integrity and budget. However, we are able to focus in and analyze specific stages/phases of the campaign, if preferred.


Work with us to source multicultural creative vendors and/or full time talent for your open roles on teams or projects 


Our InVerse platform and network of 3rd party diverse talent allows us to work with you to source multicultural creative vendors to serve as part time or full time talent for your campaigns and teams. Working with diverse talent ensures the strategy you set into place is fully authentic to a culture by having individuals of that culture tell your brand story. 

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